Mix Match Bridesmaid Dress Designs

Mix Match Bridesmaid Dress Designs

Posted by Bali Happy Events at October 19, 2017

Wedding is not always about the brides and the grooms. It also has another interesting points, one of them, the most important are the bridesmaids. You fellas must enjoy the view of beautiful bridesmaids, admit it. Not only beautiful, the bridesmaids also have to well dressed to accompany the bride. Here are some mix matched dress designs for the bridesmaids.

1. One Tone Colored Dresses

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The dresses perhaps different design and color, but look: the tone is the same. You can use one themed design (or color) and let the girls choose for themselves.

2. Pops of Color

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Different colors in one, like a rainbow. This kind of design is interesting too and unique, if you don't like anything too common for your wedding.

3. Vintage Design

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Do you want your bridesmaids look dramatically beautiful, unique, and unforgettable? Take a look at this kind of design, perhaps you like it!

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