Wedding In The Monsoon: How To Survive It

Wedding In The Monsoon: How To Survive It

Posted by Bali Happy Events at November 20, 2017

Rain is one of the biggest worries for brides to be: while it's something you ultimately can't control, what you can control are your plans to make the very best of a wet-weather day. Combine a scrupulous plan B with a 'come what may' attitude, and the only tears will be those trickling down your window. Here's how to prepare for the worst – while still hoping for the best.

1. Keep calm and carry on

First things first: if it rains on your wedding day, it's definitely not the end of the world. Whatever the weather, you just can't control it and the show must go on. If you wake up on the morning and see drizzle tricking down your window, take a deep breath, count to ten, and stay optimistic that you'll have a magical day regardless.

2. Make a plan B

Don't leave your plans for an uncovered field wedding or woodland garden party totally in the arms of fate. You need a plan B. What's more, it needs to be a plan that you really love, not a rushed alternative. Invest time in your rainy day plans and make sure they're just as beautiful as plan A: that way there's no chance you'll end up disappointed.

3. Be realistic regarding the season

If you've booked for the November-March period, your chances of good weather aren't as high. Accept in advance that you can't go into bridezilla meltdown if croquet or sky lanterns have to be scrapped. 

4. Compromise and bring the outside indoors

If you love the rustic outdoor look but don't love the rainy weather quite so much, work woodland elements into your indoor decor to capture the natural feel. Bring hay bales inside a barn for the feel of an al fresco ceremony, place branches and mini trees on tables and dot as many blooms as possible around your reception room.

5. Create covered outdoor areas

Even in the hot heats of summer, there's no knowing which way the weather is going. A marquee covers all bases; you can open doors to balmy lawns if it's sunny, and drop flaps for a cosy interior if not. Add a tented area to an outdoor drinks terrace or garden reception so your guests can still enjoy the fresh air.

6. Take your wellies

Let's be honest: no one wants to trudge through sleet in sling-backs or head across a field with heels sinking in the mud. Trade your posh shoes for fun wellies, especially for the evening. Ask your maids to do the same, and get set for some quirky pictures like this one.

7. Think of the alternative photos

Talk to your photographer about possible indoor spaces for your snaps, or ways to make outdoor photography work with a few rainy day props. Does your venue have a beautifully wallpapered reception room for some dress pictures? How about a grand entrance hall to pose in with your man? Visit your venue with your photographer and scout out plenty of wet-weather options.

8. Bring your brolly

From your hair and makeup to the beautiful details of your dress, there are some parts of your big-day look that should be kept dry. Invest in a large golf umbrella in white, clear plastic or a coordinating colour, and pick up bright brollies for your bridesmaids.

9. Remember you're marrying someone you love, no matter what

Being particular about details in the planning period is allowed, but on the big day itself, learn to let go. You're surrounded by your favourite people celebrating your love story. Come rain or shine, the odds are on for an amazing do.

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