Bali Happy Events specialises in villa weddings. We work closely with all Bali wedding villas and are able to contact them directly to check your availability. Estimating Bali wedding villa cost can be a little tricky as each villa has its own low, shoulder and high season as well as event fees and banjar fees and security deposits then three’s the taxes. Please also keep in mind that some villas are not “event villas” and are unable to host a wedding, so before booking anything it is best to double check. If you have set your date and have your eye on a particular villa it is best to book well ahead as many of Bali’s most popular wedding villas get booked out very quickly. Coming to Bali to inspect the Villas is a great option, but it is also important to check that an inspection is possible as many Villas will not allow inspections if they have guests. Grace will be happy to organise inspections or if you are after advice about a particular Villa. Why not contact us and let’s begin planning your Bali wedding.

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